Thursday, September 28, 2017

Want to listen to my local radio show?

Earlier this year, I started doing a pre-recorded radio show on a local low-power FM station. Find out how you can listen:

Note: The 10pm Wednesday slot does seem to be a mistake and is used for a different show.

WWMV Web Site
From 8 To 64 on SoundCloud

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Which Pokemon Songs Are Underrated?

In the next month or so, Anne from Pikapi Podcast and I will be doing a special on underrated Pokemon songs, and we're looking for your ideas:

Thursday, September 07, 2017

Poke Press Digest Podcast: Episode 11-Pokemon Worlds 2017/Destiny Deoxys Music

This installment has two segments. In the first (0:48-19:56), we have a pair of interviews from Worlds 2017. One is with the winner of the Seniors TCG event, and the other is with the Masters Division runner-up of the Sun & Moon video game competition.

The second segment (20:04-50:51) is a discussion of the ending themes of Destiny Deoxys. Anne from Pikapi Podcast helps me compare the enigmatic Tommy february6 to the possible X-Files fan Bree Sharp, and we decide which song better fits the movie.


Segment 1:
Sam Pandelis on Twitter

Segment 2:
Pikapi Podcast