Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Saturday, May 25, 2013

New Pokemon TCG Spring 2013 Battle Road interview following tomorrow's Top 25

I conducted an interview at a recent Pokemon TCG Spring Battle Road tournament, and that interview will debut following tomorrow's Top 25 Countdown. The interview covers the player's Team Plasma-based deck. The countdown starts at 4pm Eastern/3pm Central, so be sure to listen!

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New music for the week of 5/20/2013

Another two Gates to Infinity tracks this week:

-Stirrings of Hope
-Stirrings of Hope: March


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Are we entering the “Rival Destinies Gap”?

This article is a follow-up to the “Arceus Gap” video I posted last year. Like in that video, I am not attempting to blame or vilify anyone for this apparent delay.

Last Tuesday, volume four of Pokémon Black and White was released on DVD. Unlike previous seasons, which had been released over the course of a year, these four volumes were released in a seven-month span. I theorized that they were trying to make up for the “Arceus Gap” and get closer to the pre-Galactic Battles trend of releasing the first set of a season toward the end of that season’s run. Following this pattern, volume one of Rival Destinies should be slated for release in July, however a search of Amazon, Viz.com, and WBShop.com shows nothing on the horizon.

What happened? Well, there are a number of possibilities, but the theory I have goes back to February of this year, when it was announced that Mewtwo would be showing up in movie sixteen. This may have prompted Warner Bros. to attempt to get the first movie back on the market (as you may recall, the first three movies have been out of print in North America for several years), which may be responsible for the delay in getting Rival Destinies out. All of this is supposition, but it seems like a reasonable explanation to me. Of course, it’s also possible that this is just a planned momentary pause between seasons and DVDs will resume later this summer-only time will tell.

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Another Pokemon TCG Plasma Freeze interview following today's Top 25

I've got yet another Pokemon TCG Plasma Freeze Prerelease interview, which debuts following today's Top 25 Countdown. We talk about the following cards:

-Shadow Triad
-Team Plasma Badge
-Float Stone

The countdown starts at 4pm Eastern/3pm Central, so be sure to listen!

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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

New music for the week of 5/6/2013-Bonus Edition!

Those of you listening to the station may already be aware of it, but there's one more new song on the station this week:

Monday, May 06, 2013

New music for the week of 5/6/2013 + help with Live365 audio cutting out

Another two tracks from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity:

-Hazy Pass
-Stompstump Peak

Additionally, some of you may have recently encountered a problem where the station audio stops after about half an hour. The issue appears to be tied to a specific version of Adobe Flash Player. For more details and instructions on how to get a beta version of Flash that does not appear to suffer from this issue, look here.

Saturday, May 04, 2013

New Pokemon TCG Plasma Freeze interview following tomorrow's Top 25

At a recent Pokemon TCG Plasma Freeze Prerelease, I got a chance to interview one of the participants about a couple of the cards from the set. That interview premieres tomorrow following the Top 25 Countdown. The countdown starts at 4pm Eastern/3pm Central, so be sure to tune in!

Interview: Melissa Lefton (“Dance, Dance, Dance” from “Meloetta’s Moonlight Serenade”)

Me: Hi, I’m Steven Reich, here at the PokéPress/PIRN studios in Madison, Wisconsin. I’m on the phone with Melissa Lefton, who is the performer of “Dance, Dance, Dance”, the ending theme song from the Pokémon movie short, “Meloetta’s Moonlight Serenade”, and Melissa we just have a few questions. First off, where are you from originally, and how did you get into music?

Melissa: I am for Chicago, Illinois, and I started to do music, because one day during my last year of college I was looking through the Village Voice, and I found this ad that a producer had placed. He wanted to create the next big act, and I answered it, and I feigned enough self-possession and confidence to land the gig, and a year later we [the band was called “Product”] were signed to Arista Records.

Me: However, that didn’t quite work out the way you had hoped-you sort of floated around a bit-how did that go?

Melissa: Well, our record was shelved because the music was too controversial-it was for kids, but it was about all sorts of unsavory subject matter. Then there was a period of kind of trying to figure out what to do next, and then I became a solo act and made a new demo with my boyfriend at the time, who was also a producer. Then I got signed by Jive, based on again a feigned-or perhaps maybe by this point maybe some degree of actual talent. Then there was about three years of not knowing how to market me because again I stuck to my guns, and I was making it very controversial-it had sort of sarcastic, dry, dark subject matter, and they didn’t know how to place it. So, they sent me to LA to be an actress and to sort of create a context around this personality that was a bit incoherent sonically. So I ended up in some ”Dawson’s Creek” type stuff, and that didn’t work, and then record deal number two just died on September 11th 2001.

Me: Yeah, that was definitely a tough time to be a pop act. Since then, however, you’ve still certainly still been doing music. What have you kept yourself busy with in the years after?

Melissa: Well, my failed attempt to become a rock star kind of phased into a fairly thriving career in the jingle industry, just endorsing some major products like Gillette, McDonald’s and Chevy-whatever was tossed my way, and I was pretty good at that, so it worked well.

Me: What’s the recording process like?

Melissa: It’s absurd, and ridiculous, and fun, because there are no great overarching consequences. So coming from where all this importance is put on your career as an artist, it just didn’t matter when you’re endorsing products-it’s more fun and light.

Me: All right, and moving on to the actual song, “Dance, Dance, Dance”. First of all, how did you find out you we’re going to get to do it?

Melissa: My jingle agent-she sent me the work. I get my three or four things a year, my work from her, which is pretty scarce in today’s turbulent economy, so I take it when I can get it, I hop to it, and that’s what it was.

Me: What are some of your favorite parts of it?

Melissa: I think it’s the part where I go “Dance, Dance, Dance! I wanna dance forever!”

Me: Any particular reason, or was it just fun?

Melissa: Well, it’s to the point, you know? “I wanna dance forever”? You kinda can’t beat it as a sentiment.

Me: You definitely had a good time there, glad to hear that. What else do you work on in your spare time when you’re not busy doing jingle work?

Melissa: Well at this point I’m pretty much an “old hag” who’s given up on all her ambitions, so I’m content to sit with a cup of tea and make small, impactful decorative changes to my apartment. In terms of music I still have this sort of finger-picking guitar stuff that I do and I have no idea what I’m gonna do with it, but it is a hobby-quite a hobby-I like it. I’m also investing a bit in gold-I think the sector is due for a comeback. The gold miners have been hit really hard, but I expect to see a recovery in the not-to-distant future.

Me: All right, thank you very much Melissa. We certainly look forward to hearing you again either on Pokémon or in your other work.

Melissa: Thank you.

Me: This has been Steven Reich from the PokéPress/PIRN studios in Madison, Wisconsin, on the phone with Melissa Lefton, the performer of “Dance, Dance, Dance”, the ending song from the Meloetta short.