Tuesday, May 26, 2015

New music for the week of 5/25/2015 + new poll

We have two new tracks this week, one from Pokemon Shuffle:

-Competition Stage

And one from Pokemon Rumble World:

-Outsider Defeated

This is the song that plays after certain missions have been completed.

Additionally, I've added a new poll asking which of these free-to-start games has better music. I've found things to like about both of them, but I'm curious to hear your opinions.

Happy listening!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

New music for the week of 5/18/2015

This week, we get our first music from Pokemon Rumble World:

-Boss Battle
-Beach Battle

Happy listening!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

New audio between tracks on the PIRN Top 25 Countdown

Just wanted to let you know about some recent production work I did for the station:

Hi folks, Steven here. I wanted to let you know about a small change I recently made to the station. As many of you know, every Thursday and Sunday I run a Top 25 Countdown, where we play the highest-rated tracks based on votes from listeners like you. Now, the countdown has been on for years, but one part that’s been fairly lackluster for me has been the audio segments between the songs. The start and end of the countdown used some synth crowd noise, but worse, the numbered markers were just my voice with some cheesy reverb. I really wasn’t happy with it, so this week I recorded new audio to mark the key points in the series. We started using it on the 14th, but you can take a listen here. 
Intro: Get ready for the playlist you helped create-it's time for the PIRN Top 25 Countdown! 
20: The countdown’s just getting started! Next up is the number twenty song! 
15: The Top 25 Countdown continues with number fifteen! 
10: Now we're at the number ten song on the countdown! 
5: Almost there-the number five song is next! 
1: This is it, the moment you've been waiting for-it’s time for the number one song! 
Outro: That does it for the PIRN Top 25 Countdown! Remember, you can help choose the tracks by using the voting controls in your player window! 
I’m curious to know what you folks think about the new markers, as well as any other comments or questions you have about the Top 25. Thanks.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

New music for the week of 5/11/2015

Two more Pokemon Shuffle tracks this week:

-Vs. Mega Mewtwo
-Pedra Valley

"Pedra Valley" is a new area that came out in the latest update to the game, so check it out if you haven't already.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Unboxing Getter Ban Ban + German Pokemon Music

Last week, I happened to get the latest Japanese Pokemon CD single, as well as a package from Germany. You can see me open both of those here:

Turns out Germany got some things we didn't back in the day.

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

New music for the week of 5/4/2015

Two new tracks this week, courtesy of Pokemon Shuffle:

-Mt. Vinter
-Special Legendary Pokemon Stage

The latter track will be familiar to anyone who's been trying to catch Celebi recently.

Happy listening!

But wait, there's more:

-Mad-Paced Getter

These, of course, are from the latest Japanese single.

Saturday, May 02, 2015

New Pokemon TCG Roaring Skies interview following tomorrow's Top 25

At a recent Pokemon TCG Prerelease in Madison, WI, I got a chance to talk to one of the players about the cards with the "Delta Plus" Ancient Trait. That interview will debut tomorrow following the Top 25 Countdown. The countdown starts at 4pm Eastern/3pm Central, so be sure to tune in!

Alternately, you can watch a video of the interview here:

Cards discussed in this video:

-Articuno (17)
-Natu (28)
-Swellow (72)


Steven: Hi. I’m Steven Reich, here at Pegasus Games in Madison, WI, at one of the Pokémon TCG Roaring Skies prereleases. I’m here with Megan Coe, who is one of the participants in the Masters Division of today’s prerelease tournament. Megan, we’ve picked out sort of a suite of cards because we’re focusing today on the Delta Plus Ancient Trait. So, first of all, what does the Ancient Trait exactly do?

Megan: Delta Plus allows you to draw one extra Prize Card, similar to “Plasma” Lugia’s Overflow ability. In Limited, it winds up being really nice, because you’ve only got 4 Prize Cards to deal with. So, suddenly you’re drawing 2 or 3 Prize Cards, and it winds up being pretty effective.

Steven: Yeah. And, there’s about 3 or 4 different cards in this set that have that Ancient Trait. First of all, how do you expect that this might be used? Do you think any existing decks might use some of these Pokémon in them to get extra Prizes?

Megan: I’m planning on splashing in the Articuno card, the half-art one, with my Blastoise-Keldeo deck, because it’s water. It’s not that big of a stretch to go with. Natu also has the Delta Plus ability. Psywave, I’m not seeing as strong of an attack. Plus, it’s just a little guy with 40HP. So, probably not too much there. Swellow, I could see it going in like a Mega Rayquaza deck since you’re relying on colorless types more there. But, personally, Articuno is my favorite card, just in general.

Steven: Yeah, that definitely seems like the most viable of the ones in there. Going back to Articuno for a second, the other thing I’ve noticed is that the card’s second attack is very flip reliant. So, you’re probably going to end up having to play Trick Coin, or maybe “Fliptini” in there.

Megan: I guess I would lean more towards “Fliptini” with a Muscle Band, or Silver Bangle, just for the consistency. For the sake of making sure that you have +20. The nice thing is that it starts out with 20 damage, so you never have to worry about completely “donking” on the attack.

Steven: Yeah, you’ll never completely whiff on there, which is nice. And, if you have a Silver Bangle and Articuno against an EX-or a Muscle Band, depending on the situation. It will be interesting to see if that gets any play. Now, Blastoise-Keldeo has kind of fallen down a little bit, just because of the prominence of VirGen. But, we’ll see what happens. VirGen is still out there, but we’ll see if Articuno is not weak to Grass, so maybe that helps it out.

Alright. Well, thank you very much, Megan. This has been Steven Reich from Pegasus Games in Madison, WI at one of the Pokémon Trading Card Game Roaring Skies prereleases.

Transcript by GetTranscribed.com