Pokémon Music Petition

A little history:

From 2001's Pokemon Christmas Bash until 2006's Pokemon X, no Pokémon album had been released in the United states. Even with the release of Pokémon X (a release brought about in part by a prior incarnation of this petition), many songs, including "Make a Wish", "Battle Cry (Stand Up!)", and many more have not been made available for purchase in any form.

Aims of this petition:

This petition has several goals, including:
-Initiating the production of new Pokémon pop and orchestral music.
-Making older Pokémon music available in various forms.
-Increasing exposure of Pokemon music throughout the United States and around the world.

Who will see this petition?

The collected signatures will be sent to TPCI as thresholds are reached.

What else can I do?

iTunes includes a request feature, which you can use to ask for songs and albums not yet represented on the store. You can also link to this page using one of the following images: