Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Interview: Pokémon TCG Dragons Exalted Prerelease Rockford, IL

Normally, I post interviews in audio form, however the audio from this interview contains a large number of technical issues that in my opinion render it too difficult to listen to. Rather than discard the interview, I decided I would transcribe it here.

Christian Cuevas
Me: Hi, I’m Steven Reich here at Top Cut Comics in Rockford, IL at one of the Pokémon Trading Card [Game] Dragons Exalted Prereleases. I’m here with Christian Cuevas, who is one of the participants in the Masters Division of today’s prerelease, and Christian you’ve picked out a couple cards from the set, so let’s just go through them. So the first one you’ve picked out is Terrakion EX. What does that card do and what do you like about it?

Christian: Well, Terrakion EX has two attacks. It has Rock Tumble which is for fifty, which is not affected by resistance, and then Pump-up Smash for ninety, where after you’ve done your attack, you attach two basic energy cards from your hand to your Benched Pokémon. In my opinion, this card isn’t the best, but I like its Pump-up Smash attack.

Me: Yes, that definitely sounds pretty interesting. So, there’s several Pokémon Tools in this set, and the one you’ve picked out is Giant Cape, so what does that card do?

Christian: Well, it’s simple-it just basically gives your Pokémon [an] extra twenty HP, but I believe in a tough situation it can be very useful.

Me: Yeah, definitely. It’s sort of like Eviolite, but it has a different type of effect, and you can use it on Evolved Pokémon too which is really nice. There’s a couple [of] Special Energy Cards in this set, and they’re both designed to work with one of the new features. What’s that new feature in this set, and what’s the Energy Card you’ve picked out?

Christian: Well, one of the new features is that they came out with Dragon-Type Pokémon where they really don’t have a specific Energy Type, but they use many different Types of Energy, which this card [Blend Energy Water-Lightning-Fighting-Metal] when you put it on a Dragon-Type, let’s say you need a Water Energy-you can use it that way.

Me: There’s also a companion card that has four of the other types, so those are definitely two cards to look out for. Well, thank you very much Christian-this has been Steven Reich from Top Cut Comics in Rockford, IL at one of the Pokémon Trading Card Game Dragons Exalted Prereleases.

Monday, July 30, 2012

New music for the week of 7/30/2012

Five new tracks this week. Two from Pokemon Conquest:

-Terrera Battle
-World Map 2

And three from the brand new Pokemon Black and White 2 soundtrack:

-Route 19 (Spring & Summer)
-Wild Pokemon Battle!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Song Parody: Dewott You Do (Parody of “Do Wot You Do” By INXS)

Just in time for Worlds 2012, here's a new song parody. The original song is available here:

Alternately, you can look through your parents' music collection. There's a decent chance of finding it. ;)

Dewott You Do
Parody of “Do Wot You Do” By INXS
With new lyrics by Steven “Yoshi” Reich (pokepress@gmail.com)


And in reflection of games gone by-y,
I stayed awake all last night
Tr-ainers came, out from ev-ry shore
I had to go, I pleaded more


And it’s not easy to take the ti-ime,
To make a team, or deck of mi-ine
It seems complete, but then I fi-ind,
It can’t compete, and so I gri-ind

Ooh, what have I done?
(I) put it off a little too long

I train ev-ry minute with you
No one else can Dewott ‘cha, Dewott ‘cha
I train ev-ry minute with you
No one else can Dewott ‘cha, Dewott ‘cha

And in reflection of games gone by-y,
I stayed awake all last night
Tr-ourney came, I was still unsure-ure,
Could I get by? I sweated more-ore

Ooh, can it be done?
Thought it out, uh-could I be wrong?

I plan ev-ry minute with you
No one else can Dewott ‘cha, Dewott ‘cha
I plan ev-ry minute with you
No one else can Dewott ‘cha, Dewott ‘cha


Trainer: Whaddya think Dewott? Do we have a chance?
Dewott (affirmative): Wott!
Trainer: Well, I’ve got one more slot, and no idea who to use. (Panicked) What am I gonna do?
Dewott: (Sprays water)
Trainer: (Spits out water) Hydro Pump. Thanks, I needed that. So, got any ideas?
Dewott: Wott!
Trainer: You want to try?
Dewott: Dewott!
Trainer: Alright buddy, get in there!

Ooh, this will be fun!
Now I’m up, it shouldn’t be long

I fight ev-ry battle with you
No one else can Dewott ‘cha, Dewott ‘cha
I fight ev-ry battle with you-ooh
No one else can move like you do
I fight ev-ry battle with you-ooh
No one else can Dewott ‘cha, Dewott ‘cha
I’ll win ev-ry battle with you-ooh
No one else can Dewott you do

Want to know how I chose the song and more info about it? Here's a handy video:

Monday, July 23, 2012

New music for the week of 7/23/2012

Just two new tracks this week, both from Pokemon Conquest:

-Battle Theme 8
-Pugilis Battle

 Of course, the real deluge starts next week (or perhaps sooner) when the Black & White 2 soundtrack comes in.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

How Pokemon Radio Happens-Scheduling the Station

Ever wonder how PIRN gets programmed each day? Well, here's a helpful video that explains the process all the way from categorizing music to making the actual playlist:

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New music for the week of 7/16/2012-Special midweek edition!

I got the latest CD in from Japan, and now have three new songs on the station:

-Be an Arrow
-Seven-Colored Arch
-In Your Heart, LaLaLa

Rather than make you wait until next week, they're on the station starting tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New music for the week of 7/16/2012

Three new tracks this week. The usual two from Pokemon Conquest:

-Battle Theme 6
-Battle Theme 7

And one from the recently released (in Japan) 15th movie:


Additionally, there's a new station ID reminding you about the social media options on the Live365 station page. That stuff really helps the station, so check it out!

Monday, July 09, 2012

New music for the week of 7/9/2012

Another two tracks from Pokemon Conquest this week:

-Battle Theme 4
-Battle Theme 5

Speaking of Pokemon Conquest, don't forget to vote in our poll over on the right-hand side of the blog!

Saturday, July 07, 2012

New poll: The music of Pokemon Conquest

I've got a new poll on the blog asking you how Pokemon Conquest's music ranks among the various side DS games. Your choices are:

-It's better than Dash
-It's better than Trozei
-It's better than Ranger
-It's better than Mystery Dungeon

Select whichever ones you feel are appropriate.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

(Another) New US Nationals TCG interview before tonight's Instrumental PIRN

I've got yet another Pokemon US Nationals 2012 interview (this time with the masters division TCG champion), and that will be debuting right before tonight's Instrumental PIRN block. In the interview, we discuss the player's Klinklang/Kyogre EX deck, how he went from playing Pokemon to Yu-Gi-Oh and back to Pokemon, and some of his favorite memories of the event. Instrumental PIRN starts tonight at 11pm Eastern/10pm Central.

Impatient? Need it now?

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

New US Nationals interview before tonight's Remix PIRN

I've got a second Pokemon US Nationals 2012 interview, and it's debuting before tonight's Remix PIRN block. I ask the player about his video game team, which Pokemon he chose, and how he might improve it in the future. The block starts at 11pm Eastern/10pm Central, as usual.

If you can't wait (or missed it), here it is:

New music for the week of 7/2/2012

Two new tracks this week, both from Pokemon Conquest:

-Battle Theme 2
-Battle Theme 3

There should also be some more interviews from Pokemon US Nationals coming up later this week.