About the Station

Station History

PIRN was created on August 1, 2000 with the intention of broadcasting live TCG games along with Pokémon music. Live games never panned out, but the music portion did. In the early days of the station, Pokémon music was still fairly limited, and PIRN's playlist rotation actually consisted of less than 25% Pokémon content. In the years that followed, the station would improve on that number significantly, eventually reaching the current level of over 80% Pokémon content, with the remainder being taken up mostly by music from the Super Smash Bros. series of games. Along the way, the station also broadcast dozens of interviews, with everything from TCG players to musicians. On January 1st, 2016, PIRN converted to a video playlist format.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to listen?
To listen to PIRN, you'll need a broadband Internet connection and access to YouTube.

Can I listen on my Wii/DS/DSi/3DS?
Any browser that supports YouTube playlists should work.

What about my mobile device? (smartphone, iPhone, etc.)
Same answer.

Can I play these in the YouTube Music app?
Not currently, as the app does not support external playlists.

Does this support the artists?
When feasible, we try to use official videos or videos that have been claimed and monetized by the copyright owner.

Are you official?
No. PIRN is in no way affiliated with any official Pokémon entity, nor are we responsible for the videos included in the playlist, with the exception of Poke Press interviews included in the feed.

How is the station programmed?
The daily playlists are generated using schedule generation software:

This video is slightly out-of-date, but it still generally valid.

I'm an artist who's done a Pokémon-related song, and I'd like you to play the song on the station.
If you are an artist looking to get a song on the station, you may contact the station to discuss how to submit a song for consideration.