Tuesday, August 25, 2015

New music for the week of 8/24/2015 + new poll

Three more new tracks this week. Two from the Hoopa movie:

-The Curtain Rises on the Legendary Battle
-Countdown to Restoration

And one more:

-Verdanturf Town

This is a piano rendition of the song by Jonathan Aldrich. You can check it out here:

I also added a poll asking a question prompted by a recent interview-as it turns out, not only was "Wonderland" apparently supposed to be used in the second Pokemon Movie (judging from the information I was given, I assume it was designed as the intro song to the short), it was originally supposed to be performed by Dream Street rather than Angela Via. As such, I've created a poll with the three options to find out which you think you'd have liked best:

-"Wonderland" performed by Dream Street
-"Wonderland" performed by Angela Via
-"Comin' to the Rescue" performed by O-Town

Happy listening!

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