Wednesday, July 08, 2015

New Pokemon US Nationals interview following tomorrow's Top 25 + Train Station at 8

At last weekend's US Nationals, I had a chance to interview Lance Bradshaw, the winner of the TCG Seniors Division about the Primal Kyogre deck he used. We discuss some of the specific cards, as well as the finals against a metal Mega Rayquaza deck, which he describes as the worst matchup for his deck. That interview will debut following tomorrow's Top 25 Countdown, which starts at 5pm Eastern/4pm Central.

If you like, you can also see it here:

Or, if you want the audio-only experience:

Additionally, I recently appeared on another episode of the Train Station at 8 podcast with Makoto from Pikapi Podcast. For this episode, we discuss the use of licensed music in video games. It's a good discussion, so be sure to listen.

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