Saturday, June 13, 2015

New Pokemon TCG Regionals interview following tomorrow's Top 25

We covered the video games last weekend, and this weekend we hit the TCG side of the event. In this case, we interviewed Kyle Haverland, one of the top finishers in the Masters Division. Kyle used a very broadly based "Big Basics" deck and managed to take it deep into the tournament. You'll find out how he chose the cards he used, and how he balanced such a diverse deck. The interview will debut tomorrow following the Top 25 Countdown, and will be in regular rotation shortly thereafter. The countdown starts at 4pm Eastern/3pm Central, so be sure to tune in!

Need it now?

Cards discussed in this video include:

-Spritzee (XY)
-Landorus EX (BRC)
-Victini (NVI-15)
-Ageislash EX (PHF)

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