Saturday, May 16, 2015

New audio between tracks on the PIRN Top 25 Countdown

Just wanted to let you know about some recent production work I did for the station:

Hi folks, Steven here. I wanted to let you know about a small change I recently made to the station. As many of you know, every Thursday and Sunday I run a Top 25 Countdown, where we play the highest-rated tracks based on votes from listeners like you. Now, the countdown has been on for years, but one part that’s been fairly lackluster for me has been the audio segments between the songs. The start and end of the countdown used some synth crowd noise, but worse, the numbered markers were just my voice with some cheesy reverb. I really wasn’t happy with it, so this week I recorded new audio to mark the key points in the series. We started using it on the 14th, but you can take a listen here. 
Intro: Get ready for the playlist you helped create-it's time for the PIRN Top 25 Countdown! 
20: The countdown’s just getting started! Next up is the number twenty song! 
15: The Top 25 Countdown continues with number fifteen! 
10: Now we're at the number ten song on the countdown! 
5: Almost there-the number five song is next! 
1: This is it, the moment you've been waiting for-it’s time for the number one song! 
Outro: That does it for the PIRN Top 25 Countdown! Remember, you can help choose the tracks by using the voting controls in your player window! 
I’m curious to know what you folks think about the new markers, as well as any other comments or questions you have about the Top 25. Thanks.

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