Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New music for the week of 8/19/2013 + new poll-Pokemon X & Y soundtrack

Five new tracks this week. Three from Pokemon movie 16:

-Mewtwo VS Red Genesect
-Eliminate Them!

Two from Mystery Dungeon 3DS:

-Winds of Despair
-The Bittercold (Second Battle)

In addition, a few classic tracks have been added from the original games:

-Pallet Town

And an entry from the "Singing Pokémon Encyclopedia":

-Normal Pokémon Part 2

In addition, we have a new poll regarding the Pokemon X & Y soundtrack slated for release later this year. Will you be buying it? Your choices are:

-I'll import the CD set
-I'll buy it on iTunes
-I'll just listen to it on the station

1 comment:

joecab said...

I'll be amazed if we can get it on iTunes (rumors say we will) but that's my first choice. Otherwise I'll buy the Japanese CDs like I always have.