Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New music for the week of 4/25/2011 + April Fools revisited

Six (gasp) new tracks this week. One from the Missingno Tracks:

-Journey's End (Ending)

Three from the Pokemon anime:


Those last two should be quite familiar. We also have two from Pokemon Black and White:

-Route 6 (Fall-Winter)
-Legendary Pokémon Battle!

Additionally, I wanted to share insight into the fictional "Pokemon DJ Hero" game. I'll let you in a good story about one of them:

Rika Matsumoto/Megumi Toyoguchi vs. The Nylons-Kiss 2009 Goodbye

Combination of: High Touch! 2009 and Kiss Him Goodbye

Back in late 2008, right around the time I got the original High Touch! single, I also picked up the 12" (vinyl) remix EP of Kiss Him Goodbye (I've been a Nylons fan for quite some time, and given that they were quite big here in Madison, it's not much of a surprise this turned up here). As some of you probably know, the chorus of Kiss Him Goodbye, much like High Touch!, contains the phrase "Hey, Hey, Hey". The combination was obvious.

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