Monday, December 06, 2010

New music for the week of 12/6/2010

Nine new tracks once again. Two from the Pokemon Best Wishes single:

-Best Wishes!
-Best Wishes TV BGM-M03

Two from Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs:

-Inner Sky Fortress
-End Credits

Two from Pokemon Black and White:

-Team Plasma Battle!
-Victory Over Team Plasma!

And three from the Pokemon anime collection:

-Route 38
-Battle (Vs. Trainer) - Johto

In addition, this is the first week of our Pokemon: The First Movie-The Alternate Soundtrack Project. This week's what-if selections are:

-Stronger (Album Version) (Britney Spears)
-Everything You Do (M2M)

I've posted polls on the right-hand side of the blog that will let you vote for your favorites after hearing them on the station.


Adrienne said...

I agree with "Stronger" - Mewtwo getting stronger and not needing humans but the 2nd song of M2M - "Don't say you love me?" I still don't understand why that song is even in the original?! Maybe Brock's always current love obession.

Steven "Yoshi" Reich said...

Never thought about Don't Say You Love Me that way. As for Stronger, that was pretty much my line of thought going in. It's actually that ong that got me to do this project in the first place.